Reflection: Little Adjustments in the Details

For today’s tutorial, I had shown Kate my tutor the latest of what I have been up to. This past week I have done a number of key animating. I have revised my plan of achieving shots that will be discussed in further detail later.

140617 A

I have also been refining my first opening shot by adding highlights and shadows. I have done this in Animate CC and then compositing it in After Effects.

140617 B

My tutor advised me to add textures to the characters or character’s attire, which I thought would improve the aesthetic by making it more unique. I shall attempt to experiment with this.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been revising the way I organize my work and thereby being more thorough of what my schedule will be like. Initially, I tended to work on a day-by-day basis where I would write on post it notes lists of things I would like to complete on the day. After a few days to a week I will cross check this with my Gantt chat.

Currently I am in a good position with my progress, however I have changed a few things to allow for a better projection of the work I can get done and hopefully it will be more accurate.

Below is my usual set up:

Below here is the new method I have been attempting to organize what I need to get done. Instead of the daily post it notes, I have found this long lost weekly planner and decided to make use of it. Every day I count the number of hours I have depending on the activities I may plan every week. In the notes area, I write the number of shots I need to work on for the week.

Below here is my Gantt chart. As you can observe, I have indeed completed the voice acting aspect, the environment remains 85% complete as I have a tendency to not work in completion, but make room for adjustments and improvements. As long as I have the foundation/basics, I can always make edits. Now that we are in June, I have planned to focus on this month the main animating. The month of July will be colouring and dealing with highlights and shadows.

140617 C

Now focusing on this month June, originally I planned to complete the key animation within a week, but now I realize it was too naive of me. So I have planned to complete the key animation within this June, then using the next half of July to fill in the gaps.

I had decided it was easier to split the animated short into 6 sections and that I would have the option of completing two parts per week that alternated rather than it being chronological. This would provide me with variation and an escape from boredom.


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