Inspiration of Music


Through casual conversation and further discussion with my audio engineer/sound designer, we used the idea of slowing down the music and edited it to represent the depressive phase the zebra undergoes and the normal tempo to represent the manic phase.

Sound Design ideas

In the current development of the PROMISE project for mental health awareness, the animation is set in the plains of Africa. There are two parts that needs consideration, that is the soundtrack and the sound effects of animals and the environment. I am currently in collaboration with a sound designer and through discussion have established some ideas.

Here are some reference tracks:

(opening scene, peaceful, calm)

(manic phase)

(depression phase, layering of wind instruments)


As for sound effects, I will need to consider these elements:

African Animals:

  • zebras
  • birds
  • elephants
  • Gazelles
  • herds moving across the plain


  • River sounds
  • Hooves, herds
  • Wind
  • Tree rustling