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My Creative Weekly Routine Through Process

I think the problem with me is that I am a generalist. In particular with visual creatives, a lot of platforms interest me. That would mean I’d be the jack of all trades and master of none so to speak! How then shall I progress in the working world!? I haven’t quite figured that out. For the moment I’ve decided to try to make a more focused approach in sharpening my skills. Although it is still quite widespread I aim to improve through step by step exercises.

I have categorized areas for learning and how I would achieve it throughout the week.

Categories for learning:

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Typography
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Modelling

Weekly List (What, How, When):

Short Creative Exercises (SCE) – YouTube – Tuesday and Friday

Documentation – Blog – Saturday

Forefront Research – Blog – Monday Fortnightly

Making and Learning Process:

  1. YouTube a Creative Tutorial
    • Extra Research (other sources)
  2. Replicate!
  3. Create!

To sum up, how I am currently learning is through online tutorials. After watching them I replicate, and then use the techniques learned to create! Personally, the tutorials being quite varied helps keep things fresh.

Typography Word: Wisdom | Creative Timelapse

Hey guys! It’s my first time learning and playing around with typography. Still trying to get used to Illustrator.. one of my weakest Adobe Suite skills. Although there’s a lot of software I haven’t tried!

It was fun experimenting and refining typographically! The great tutorial source I am learning from is Skillshare, one of the tutors Dylan Mierzwinski. The link to it is: