Weekly Review

This week unfortunately I do not have a tutorial as my tutor was ill.

Currently work has been progressing well. No set backs so far. It is fairly similar to the previous week. Animating body language, head movement and emotional expression has improved the more I draw.

I am at the final stages of key animating. I aim to complete it by this week and to send it to my sound designer as a more accurate reference for sound tracks and sound effects.

From the following month will be completing the full animation from adding the in betweens to colouring to light and shadow. There will be some compositing tests and ensuring I have enough environmental assets.

Items I need to ensure for progress:

  • Animating body language, head movement, emotional expression
  • Researching the forefront, expanding knowledge and understanding where my work is in relation to it
  • Environment set up ready to go

Animator: Toniko Pantoja

An active animator and artist that I admire is Toniko Pantoja. I like this art style and the different animated shorts he has worked on. Last year, his work was shared on Cartoon Brew as Artist of the Day.

Pantoja has a tumblr blog account where he posts updates of his work and the online classes he provides. He also is active on other social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

Through his posts on Youtube of his animated shorts has gained him recognition. Be also began posting tutorial videos and thus opened his own website for online learning. He also streams allowing people to follow along in his work and technique. Pantoja boldly shares his knowledge and skills. On Vimeo however, is where he posts his finalized work.

Not only does he share with people the ins and outs of animation and what he has learned during his time at Calarts, but he is a down-to-earth person. On his blog, he provides an FAQ about film, advice and opinion related questions on being in the animation industry.

Within the industry itself, Pantoja has worked for Dreamworks Animation, Cartoon Network, Chavvo, Picnic Productions and most recent work Tonko House. Having worked with a mix of mainstream and smaller studios, it is clear through observing the studio style that it is not too drastically dissimilar. Therefore it is possible for Pantoja not to compromise his style that he enjoys.


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Pantoja, T., 2017. About Me | Spring Bing – Toniko Pantoja. [Online]
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June Checked List

Mon 190717 update:

  • Uploaded FMPD: light and shadow
  • Blog post on The Me Bird
  • Dinner Scene rough outlined animation shots 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23

Tues 200717 update:

  • Dinner Scene rough outlined animation shots 24,25,26,27,28
  • Dinner Scene outlined key animation shots 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21

Wed 210717 update:

  • Dinner Scene outlined key animation shots 22,23,24,25,26,27,28

Thurs 220717 update:

  • Law Office scene rough outlined animation shots 61,62,65
  • Law Office scene outlined key animation shots 61,62,65

Fri 230717 update:

  • Uploaded DWM ep 5 Clothing
  • Completed test dinner scene

Sat 240717 update:

  • Reassessing schedule
  • Redeemed scene outlined animation shots 51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,66,67

Sun 250717 update:

  • Truth scene outlined key animated shots 70,71

Weekly Review

Yesterday I had no tutorial and will resume next week.

The past week seems to be good progress. The weekly planner has worked smoothly and I am on task. So far I have completed the main key frames of the wandering of Amsterdam streets, the bird chase and the dinner scene. I have the remaining week to complete the law office scene and refine the rest.


To summarize…

The positives are:

  • Schedule is working well

Areas to improve:

  • Quality of the drawings
    • body proportions
    • body language – although it is getting there
    • human emotional expression

Tips for Progression

Thankfully, the weekly ‘Draw with Me’ series keeps the momentum of making time to practice drawing skills. However, to continue improving the flow of the animations it is best to practice and be aware of the 12 principles of animation.


Body language and human emotional expression is on it’s way.


The Me Bird

My tutor showed us an animated short that appeared beautifully handmade with some digital editing. When I watched the making of video however, it was very poignant that they did not use paper as their main medium! That the dance was extracted from an actual dancer filmed on green screen, then watercolour paper textures were placed after. The final effect produces an attractive hypnotic outcome. The play with colour sets the mood, correlating to the events that occur to the central character – the ballerina. The idea of the ballerina desiring to break free from her cage carries some of the ideas from the inspired poem by Pablo Neruda.

The Me Bird was produced by 18bis in 2013 with creative directors Gabriel (Animation director) and Maria Ilka (Art director). Their aim is to increase interaction and connection between people through the convergence of medias and techniques. To play with the relationships between craftsmanship and computer, poetry and keyframe, drawing and rhythm, sight and storytelling.

From their website, their reel begins strongly and ends strongly with extracts from the same animated short. The middle shows an eclectic range of work demonstrating the breadth of skill. They also have a range of social media links such as blog on WordPress, Twitter, Behance and Vimeo. It is unfortunate to see that they have not had any recent posts or activity, yet the style they have built up is something I appreciate.


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