Red Character

Using the software Modo, I was playing around with particles. The particles reminded me of stars and I decided for my Red Chases Blue project that there would be a girl in a red dress that gathers and interacts with these blue stars.

Below are the character design development from a more fantasy based to a chibi based character. The idea is captured in a brief storyboard.

Red Chases Blue Portfolio.png

Red Chases Blue Portfolio2 a.png

Below are experiments with different medium combinations. The first attempt was to combine an image of the universe as the environmental background, draw the red character on a 2D drawing software called FireAlpaca and model the stars in Modo. The second attempt was to watercolour the scene and make enhancements and edits using Photoshop and FireAlpaca, which I think worked very beautifully in a fantasy outcome.

Red Chases Blue Portfolio3.png

Red Chases Blue Portfolio4.png

I also experimented modelling the character in 3D, but I have come to the conclusion that it would be better to have the character drawn, the stars modelled and the background as watercolour for convenience and a unique aesthetics outcome. Also it would allow me the chance to experiment with the particles on Modo.

Red Chases Blue Portfolio2 b.png