Short Creative Exercise with Modo

Refreshing my memory of 3D modeling!


Typography Word: Wisdom | Creative Timelapse

Hey guys! It’s my first time learning and playing around with typography. Still trying to get used to Illustrator.. one of my weakest Adobe Suite skills. Although there’s a lot of software I haven’t tried!

It was fun experimenting and refining typographically! The great tutorial source I am learning from is Skillshare, one of the tutors Dylan Mierzwinski. The link to it is:

A Little Research on VR

There’s a lot of excitement in the VR industry. There’s still so much room for it to grow, but over the past decade or so it has certainly made concrete progress that is enabling more and more users to experience these realities. I came across the ‘Wolves in the Walls‘, which is a new VR short film based on a bed time story book. The industry is still trying to grasp best ways in which to portray storytelling and narrative. That led me to researching where VR is as of today within the recent year.

Another VR short film I have come across gave an interesting experience titled ‘The Invisible Man‘. In order to highlight certain queues that are important to understanding where the story is going, faces are enlarged to highlight the emotions of characters. Or even placement of objects that hint to the development of the scene is slightly blown up. This presents possible methods of storytelling in VR. I still think personally it could be portrayed in a better way but for now it gets the point across.

Layers of Experience

Phil Kauffold discusses various possibilities of how VR is being used for society. There are a growing number of categories. Such involve being placed in different locations to increase in understanding of a particular situation. Being immersed in an active war zone (I.e. the first VR documentary The Fight for Falluja) or to see what circumstances refugees are facing. Other layers include medical procedures, calming patients, treating PTSD (as funded by military), recreating history, games, film and so much more. Each comes with sensitive issues and repercussions to bear in mind.

One striking thing about VR that Catherine Allen mentioned from her TED talk is that

VR something that I did rather than something I observed!

Especially in the field of learning it is far more effective to grow in application rather than mere theoretical observation.

Changes in our World

I am certainly excited to see the experiments and gradual integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in our society. It’s a scary but thrilling thing! May we handle such technology with responsibility through increasing our awareness of negative implications.


Dog Running Cycle Process Part 2

The video contains sampled aspects of remaining part of the working process.

I want to make bullet notes that are easy to digest regarding the process:

  • First came the research and references (the one below is a very good example that I hope to take forward at a later stage)
  • The second stage is extracting the key frames to produce the rough animation
  • Third stage is filling inbetweens
  • Fourth stage is the clean up (actually in hindsight I see that it is possible to perhaps use this stage for some of the inbetweens to save time)
  • Fifth stage is the colour. Layers here are important so that we can turn off the black outline to produce a different stylistic approach
  • Sixth stage is thinking about highlights to adapt in After Effects
  • Seventh stage is creating the environment the dog will be running in
  • Finally is compositing everything in After Effects

Hopefully some day I will be ready to make tutorials! But I think for now I just want to gather resources and focus on producing the work. The work that then I can share with people in more depth in the future.

Creating a Fiery Icecream Look on After Effects

Hey guys so I’ve been following Dan Stevers’ work for quite some time. He does great tutorials that have inspired me to play around with the new tools and skills I’ve picked up! The tutorial below was what kick started my own project which I called the Fiery Icecream.


I begin my project with illustrator and create an icecream comprising of three layers. The base is the cone, the mid layer is the first blob of icecream and the top layer is the final blob of icecream.

firey tests_Moment01

Handy Tip!

SHIFT+M is the Shape Builder Tool that has been incredibly handy in making a group of objects whole. I learned this through Skillshare by Dylan Mierzwinski who hosts a brilliant class.

firey tests_Moment02

After Effects

Next, I place the icecream into After Effects and from Dan Stevers’ tutorial above I have already applied the settings for my icecream. The settings I have planned to only affect the icecream and not the cone. As you can see the leafy textures can be seen by the Stencil Alpha mode.

firey tests_Moment03firey tests_Moment04

Now I have made the top of the cone dissolve so that it would not look so awkward as the icecream does it’s fiery melty thing.

firey tests_Moment05

I have also adjusted over a time period how there will be an increase in density to make the icecream more apparent.

firey tests_Moment06

Here are the resource links I have gathered: