Deception Speedpaint: Ilfenesh Hadera and Jack Cutmore-Scott

Now I know that some people feel that Deception was nothing much to shout about… and some people feel that if there was better marketing in place that the season may have had a second chance! It has been compared a lot to other series like ‘Castle’, now I haven’t seen ‘Castle’ before so I can’t really comment much on this… but all I know is that I feel the show has been able to produce really likable characters. The progression of character development and interactions are carefully developed over time, not rushed into sex scenes like a lot of other series seem to be and I feel that the underlying bigger plot is just so alluring.

Also perhaps some people may find this kind of unrealistic and a bit crazy how a professional magician is helping the FBI… I heard that ‘Castle’ is about a crime author helping the police department. Now I don’t know how writing fiction would really help solve crimes because perhaps you can create the scenario in your head, but without the psychology behind people like in the series ‘Lie To Me’, it does seem less plausible. (Now I haven’t seen the series, so if the guy has some psychology background then, yes it makes more sense)

The fact that in this day an age of technology, it seems far more plausible for a magician’s team that involve the need to have the knowledge of equipment to conduct more elaborate performances would be able to understand and construct ways to help the FBI. Let’s just say for the sake of such a world.

But regardless, I do feel it is a shame! Hopefully it would come back some day!


5 Top Influential Films from my Childhood

So I wanted to talk about my top films that have impacted me the most during my childhood. My love and passion for films really stemmed from the weekly film outings my parents and I would share.

Films has been a major part of my life beyond mere entertainment. It has been the main source of growth in understanding worldviews, morals and concepts.

What do you guys think about films? How much of an impact has it had on your life?

Drawing Progress Report: Getting Started

My main tool and method for improving my art skills is using websites such as:

This blog here is helpful in suggesting free gesture pose reference photos.

I don’t know about you but I have this impatience when it comes to developing skills in art. I feel as though I want to get from level 2 to like level 32! Of course these things don’t come over night… and so these timed gesture practices really help to get myself started! And STARTING IS THE HARDEST PART.


Main Reference:

First Week as a Teaching Assistant | The Creative’s Journey

Hey guys! So I’ve been trying to rethink what the purpose of my blog would be about. I’m hoping to devote more time to it to really track my work progress.

Going back to what’s IMPORTANT

I have discovered my main problem is that I’m a jack of all trades but king of none. I spend too much time trying to do everything, that in the end I end up having low quality results. What I need to do is to find my specialty. This is also proving more challenging when I’ve begun my new job as a teaching assistant. Although I love spending time with kids and am learning how best to help them grow, I don’t want to give up spending time on the creative side.

The plus side of lacking the time to focus on other creative projects is that I must really prioritize and narrow my focus!

So I’ve been filtering out my goals and prioritizing my work:

  1. Teaching assistant work
  2. Animated Shorts projects
  3. Other graphic design tasks (i.e. helping out with church posters/templates)
  4. Developing drawing skills through speed paints

What I have filtered and left out:

  • Continuing to learn cinematography
  • Developing Motion Graphics (hope to be added back on the list, I just think I have sufficient skills for the moment)
  • Setting up an online shop for digital/merch (i.e. mugs, shirts, design templates etc.)


If you have similar problems… hope that following along my journey would be of some help 🙂

How To Stay Motivated To Draw

I’ve just been experiencing artist block for the past two months. Suddenly… or rather subtly… I’ve been feeling tired and trying to get over my ‘can’t be bothered’ state. Through my research, trials and experimentation with different methods over the months I have created this video that has further motivated me! So I do hope that this would be beneficial to all creatives or anyone who’d like some inspiration.

⦁ Contains Doodling Video

⦁ CSSSA animation sketchbook ’16 Sketchynatalia
⦁ When He Sees Me – Waitress (ANIMATIC) Sangled
⦁ My FILMMAKING JOURNEY began at age 9 | DOAD Ep. 1 FilmVentureStudios
⦁ How To Animate A Fight Scene Howard Wimshurst
⦁ My Sketchbook Kesh
⦁ Let’s Paint a MUSHROOM HOUSE – FANTASY ART FRIDAY LethalChris Drawing–LM

Videos on Artist Motivation:
General tips
⦁ Overcoming Artist’s Block · Productivity and Inspiration Tips and Prompts · SemiSkimmedMin
You’ve been at the drawing business for a while… but you’re at the point where ideas are out, a period of drought. How to mend the situation!?
⦁ Creative Motivation – How to get things done!
3 points boiled down

Tips and Tricks for Beginners: 3D Character Modeling in MODO 902

So I’ve recently completed a self initiated project to model a cartoonish character in Modo from scratch and move on to rigging and animating. It’s the first time I have attempted this and I would like to share my process as well as the research that I’ve done to learn by just YouTube-ing and Googling tutorials.

I hope it would be useful and encouraging for anyone who’d to like make a start in animating. Often we know the basics of tools but do not think we have what is necessary to make the jump to just doing it. But really it’s the starting that is the hardest, so I hope this video and the research I’ve done would give people the extra push they need to create!

Here is the link to downloading the resources, tutorials and notes I have made: