Final Weekly Review

It is finished!

Yes, incredible, 2 weeks before hand in!

Although not exactly. Sound design, a music score is on high priority right now. With the left over time, it allows me to revisit some scenes, to edit them to look better. To add in some in betweens or to correct the less obvious mistakes.

However I finally have something that I can submit. Now is time to make it more seamless.

I will reveal the final product after the time of hand in.

This post is to look back and evaluate the plan that I have set out to accomplish and how the revisions of the schedule and the actual realisation compare.

I have the original gantt charts below:

IMG_1161140617 C

Which I then broke down further week by week:


And I have the official record of what I have indeed managed to accomplish in this link:


How realising the project worked out differed quite a fair bit from the scheduled plan. The overall was fairly accurate if I group accordingly as voice recording (3 weeks May); environmental assets (3 weeks May 1 week June); key animating (1 month June); inbetweens, colouring (1 week June, 2 weeks July); colouring, shading, compositing, rendering (2 weeks July, 2 weeks August). Leftover time is 2 weeks end of August, which was indeed what I had hoped in my first gantt chart.

During the course of the project, I realised that although there are certain periods of accomplishing certain tasks, there was a necessity of juggling a number of different tasks simultaneously. Therefore for each period, that would have been the priority task taking the largest percentage and at the same time other tasks that took a smaller portion of the pie.

Below are the links for the original plans of the animated short:

FMP Preproduction Pack Final Portfolio

FMP Project Planning Folder Hilda Hiong

Project Planning Folder

I was able to complete most of the targets I set out to accomplish within this folder. Some targets became irrelevant either because I had to change voice actors, change character dialogue and shift scenes around to build a narrative that was clearer to understand. I have managed to deliver the complete animated short. I have changed the target audience to be more specific. To have circles of audience that get narrowed down to young Christian adults. This project has been shared and documented through different forms of social media that include: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. I had also signed up for several forums to engage with and ask for feedback. Further detailed documentation of my work have been recorded here on this blog. Certainly, this experience has been a great learning process of time management, solving technical issues, working with others and improved my drawing skills. The more tasks I have gone through gave me challenges to resolve and adjust my working methods.

It has indeed helped me to consider aspects of career that are specific and aspects I am willing to compromise. Specifically, I would like to apply for animation studios that focus on 2D animation, that are educational oriented either with children’s TV, animated documentaries, even music videos etc. Generally, I would not mind going into motion graphics or graphic design related work.


I have managed to keep my time management controlled. However, I have noticed that quality was thus compromised. It would be good now to continue making improvements in the details.


Jul/Aug Checked List

Mon 310717 update:

  • Shading shot 18,19,20,21,22,23,24
  • Compositing shot 18,19,20,21,22,23

Tues 010817 update:

  • Shading shot 25,26,27,28
  • Compositing shot 24,25,26,27,28
  • Adding some foley

Wed 020817 update:

  • Shading Shot 36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,50

Thurs 030817 update:

  • Shading Shot 51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60
  • Compositing Shot 49,50,58,51,52,53,55,56,57,35

Fri 040817 update:

  • Shading Shot 66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,77
  • Compositing shot 66,67,68,69,70,71,72

Sat 050817 update:

  • Shading shot 75,74,65,62
  • Colouring Shot 62
  • Compositing shot 62,65,74,75,76,77

Sun 060817 update:

  • Shading Shot 72
  • Compositing Shot 73,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48


July Checked List

Mon 240717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 49,50,51,57,55

Tues 250717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 55,51,53,52,54,60,61,59,48

Wed 260717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 47,42,44,41

Thurs 270717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot45,43,65,62,79

Fri 280717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot13
  • Opening shot animated with colour and shadow
  • Shading shot 13
  • Composited shot 14
  • Review and Update blog post

Sat 290717 update:

  • Shading shot 14,15,16
  • Composited shot 14,15,16

Sun 300717 update:

  • Shading shot 17
  • Composited shot 17


Review and Update

I have made changes to the narrative in terms of the order and added new scenes. It is a risk by adding scenes but I have attempted to make it as simple to achieve with the least work, to be sure I can complete the project by the set deadline.

I have quickly rendered two versions: the no added scenes and the added scenes. I feel that the added scenes fill a more rounded picture, whereas the first version at least provides the bare minimum to understand what is going on. Version 1 is also my fall back, in case if I run out of time. Version 2 is what I want to aim to achieve.

Weekly Reflection

Today we had our final symposium workshop meeting about reflection and evaluation. It was helpful in understanding the cognition and thought process. There are three key components from Kolb’s learning cycle that is: the experience (do something), to reflect (evaluate), to conceptualise (generalise) and the plan (what next).

Currently there is around about a month left to complete the final major project. According to the gantt chart and the items I have scheduled, I have not been keeping on track. At the moment I need to juggle with outlining the characters using the appropriate colours, in-betweening, colouring animation and shading. Previously, I have used screen capture to record my work in order to compile it into a video to upload on YouTube. I would record continuously from 30 minutes to an hour each take non-stop. This technique I found was motivating to press on working. However I cannot use this method each time as it would take up a lot of disk space. Therefore I signed up for Rescue Time to log my productivity as seen in the image below, which was last week’s.


Using Rescue Time has helped track my software, website usage to determine what is seen as productive and not. It is also encourages me to work more consistently and acts as a motivator.

Also, based from the meet up last week, I have been reassessing how to narrate the animation and working with what I have to tell the story more from the older brother Michael’s perspective.

July Checked List

Mon 100717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 40,14
  • Uploaded FMPD chasing bird shot

Tues 110717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 15

Wed 120717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 15,16
  • Weekly Review

Thurs 130717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 17,18

Fri 140717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 19,20

Sat 150717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 20,21,22,23

Sun 170717 update:

  • Colouring animation shot 23,24