August Checked List

Mon 070817 update:

  • Drawing building asset 01,02
  • Compositing shots 35-48

Tues 080817 update:

  • Drawing building asset 03
  • Composited (rendered complete) 35,36,37,38

Wed 090817 update:

  • FINISHED animation at acceptable and submit-able standard
  • Blog post on final weekly review

Thurs 100817 update:

  • Editing animation cuts
  • Re-drawing opening scene

Fri 110817 update:

  • Blog post on forefront: VR Animation
  • Promo video
  • Re-drawing opening scene

Sat 120817 update:

  • Re-drawing opening scene
  • Presentation Prep

Sun 130817 update:

  • Re-drawing opening scene
  • Collecting sound design from
  • Discussing with sound designer music arrangements and sound design

One thought on “August Checked List

  1. terryph37 August 14, 2017 / 10:44 am

    All the best to your final project… keep up the good work.


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