Weekly Reflection

Today we had our final symposium workshop meeting about reflection and evaluation. It was helpful in understanding the cognition and thought process. There are three key components from Kolb’s learning cycle that is: the experience (do something), to reflect (evaluate), to conceptualise (generalise) and the plan (what next).

Currently there is around about a month left to complete the final major project. According to the gantt chart and the items I have scheduled, I have not been keeping on track. At the moment I need to juggle with outlining the characters using the appropriate colours, in-betweening, colouring animation and shading. Previously, I have used screen capture to record my work in order to compile it into a video to upload on YouTube. I would record continuously from 30 minutes to an hour each take non-stop. This technique I found was motivating to press on working. However I cannot use this method each time as it would take up a lot of disk space. Therefore I signed up for Rescue Time to log my productivity as seen in the image below, which was last week’s.


Using Rescue Time has helped track my software, website usage to determine what is seen as productive and not. It is also encourages me to work more consistently and acts as a motivator.

Also, based from the meet up last week, I have been reassessing how to narrate the animation and working with what I have to tell the story more from the older brother Michael’s perspective.


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