Weekly Review

This past week I have not been able to achieve the weekly targets. It has come to my attention that I need to readjust my schedule to meet more productive ends for the remainder of the time I have left. Normally I balance my time between social, university work and my part time job. I will be needing to cut out some of the social activities for the time being.

This tutorial I had two tutors Kate and Jess. Jess will be filling in for Kate as she goes on holiday. Today’s discussion was more focused on the emotional narrative aspect. It was Jess’ first time watching the full length of the key animation. Her perspective was very insightful as there were a lot of areas which was difficult to understand from the animation. Small to larger areas such as making more clear Ryan is begging and making the money more convincing with sound effects and also providing more information on Ryan’s downfall, which was what Kate also mentioned last week.

What would be required of me for the next week is to continue colouring the animations and also to work on the narrative more.

Working on the narrative I mean by:

  • Fleshing out the character development
  • What is the tagline?
  • Who’s the main character?
  • How can we demonstrate emotion and translate the relationships between family members better?
  • working with brainstorming and sticky notes

Although it seems too late to make drastic changes, I feel that discussing thoroughly the narrative is one of the most important aspects in order to bring out the value and morals of the film.

So far, the title of my animated short is ‘Love Returned’. Initially I thought ‘A Love Returned’, however I realised I wanted the audience to question will both brothers put aside their differences to work on the relationships within their family, in particular the older brother Michael?


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