What is the Forefront?

From the past Wednesday’s symposium on what is the forefront and what that means within our specific field of focus has been very informative. From that session we discussed and shared what we thought the forefront was and was provided a presentation by our main tutor. It has helped clarify a number of things such as something within the field being popular does not necessarily mean that it is at the forefront. The forefront means pushing boundaries and expanding knowledge.

Our tutor Ian explained it as comprising of either it being a new original idea or a new perspective of an old idea or a new way of established practice process. There also must be an identification method of defining the forefront. Ian suggested finding 10 items that relates to what might be the forefront of my field.

Below is my improved presentation attempt to defining the forefront:

noun: forefront

  1. the leading or most important position or place.

Linked words to the forefront:

  • Innovation
  • Current Trends – what is being pushed forward, reinterpreted or discovered
  • Originality, uniqueness
  • Technical progression

“A great film shows us old truths in new ways.  A great animated film requires we show that truth through powerful visual invention. The more you buy in emotionally that the cartoon characters on screen are real and in real peril, the greater the animated film.” Mike Gabriel, Art Director on Wreck-It Ralph

šThe Story – emotional aspect

šCreative impact – uniqueness

šVisual Effects –  technical quality

Where to find the forefront: VR technology and Animation Festivals

To me personally, the forefront must be active and regularly updating. I have also linked a number of trends with some innovative forefront activities listed within it. Such trends would be the come back of stop motion. However, it is not just popularity because people have been re-moulding the concept of stop motion and reinventing alternative portrayals, therefore linking to the innovative forefront.


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