Weekly Review

This week unfortunately I do not have a tutorial as my tutor was ill.

Currently work has been progressing well. No set backs so far. It is fairly similar to the previous week. Animating body language, head movement and emotional expression has improved the more I draw.

I am at the final stages of key animating. I aim to complete it by this week and to send it to my sound designer as a more accurate reference for sound tracks and sound effects.

From the following month will be completing the full animation from adding the in betweens to colouring to light and shadow. There will be some compositing tests and ensuring I have enough environmental assets.

Items I need to ensure for progress:

  • Animating body language, head movement, emotional expression
  • Researching the forefront, expanding knowledge and understanding where my work is in relation to it
  • Environment set up ready to go


I almost forgot to add that I completed the dinner scene and had shared it with the forums online. Here was the advice I received:



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