Animator: Toniko Pantoja

An active animator and artist that I admire is Toniko Pantoja. I like this art style and the different animated shorts he has worked on. Last year, his work was shared on Cartoon Brew as Artist of the Day.

Pantoja has a tumblr blog account where he posts updates of his work and the online classes he provides. He also is active on other social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

Through his posts on Youtube of his animated shorts has gained him recognition. Be also began posting tutorial videos and thus opened his own website for online learning. He also streams allowing people to follow along in his work and technique. Pantoja boldly shares his knowledge and skills. On Vimeo however, is where he posts his finalized work.

Not only does he share with people the ins and outs of animation and what he has learned during his time at Calarts, but he is a down-to-earth person. On his blog, he provides an FAQ about film, advice and opinion related questions on being in the animation industry.

Within the industry itself, Pantoja has worked for Dreamworks Animation, Cartoon Network, Chavvo, Picnic Productions and most recent work Tonko House. Having worked with a mix of mainstream and smaller studios, it is clear through observing the studio style that it is not too drastically dissimilar. Therefore it is possible for Pantoja not to compromise his style that he enjoys.


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