Weekly Review

Yesterday I had no tutorial and will resume next week.

The past week seems to be good progress. The weekly planner has worked smoothly and I am on task. So far I have completed the main key frames of the wandering of Amsterdam streets, the bird chase and the dinner scene. I have the remaining week to complete the law office scene and refine the rest.


To summarize…

The positives are:

  • Schedule is working well

Areas to improve:

  • Quality of the drawings
    • body proportions
    • body language – although it is getting there
    • human emotional expression

Tips for Progression

Thankfully, the weekly ‘Draw with Me’ series keeps the momentum of making time to practice drawing skills. However, to continue improving the flow of the animations it is best to practice and be aware of the 12 principles of animation.


Body language and human emotional expression is on it’s way.



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