The Me Bird

My tutor showed us an animated short that appeared beautifully handmade with some digital editing. When I watched the making of video however, it was very poignant that they did not use paper as their main medium! That the dance was extracted from an actual dancer filmed on green screen, then watercolour paper textures were placed after. The final effect produces an attractive hypnotic outcome. The play with colour sets the mood, correlating to the events that occur to the central character – the ballerina. The idea of the ballerina desiring to break free from her cage carries some of the ideas from the inspired poem by Pablo Neruda.

The Me Bird was produced by 18bis in 2013 with creative directors Gabriel (Animation director) and Maria Ilka (Art director). Their aim is to increase interaction and connection between people through the convergence of medias and techniques. To play with the relationships between craftsmanship and computer, poetry and keyframe, drawing and rhythm, sight and storytelling.

From their website, their reel begins strongly and ends strongly with extracts from the same animated short. The middle shows an eclectic range of work demonstrating the breadth of skill. They also have a range of social media links such as blog on WordPress, Twitter, Behance and Vimeo. It is unfortunate to see that they have not had any recent posts or activity, yet the style they have built up is something I appreciate.


18bis, N/A. 18bis. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 19 June 2017].



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