Shorts Worth Investing?

Why invest in short films? Entertainment, accessibility, understanding human cognition. Historically, all forms of film had it’s beginnings as short films. This grew into feature films has people were able to develop more with the growing technology to exhibit more complex story lines. This was able to match up to the theatre and opera at the time and therefore were seen as respectable.

Short films were initially shown before any feature-length film, however this eventually proved unpopular and they were disregarded. However, MTV opened a new opportunity for short films. Tim Pope who directed for many musicians such as The Cure, The Bangles and Neil Young believes that the music video has allowed for a new type of short film-making. With the rise of technology, it was easier for more individuals to gain access to equipment to experiment. With the new age of technology and its platforms YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Facebook, Twitter and so on, the more people have become drawn to ‘bite-sized’ pieces of information.

Although it is unlikely for short films to enter back in the cinemas before feature-length movies, Pixar has been screening delightful animated shorts.

Webseries is now a current thing, especially in Australia. Each episode is normally around 10 minutes. The difference between this and series from YouTube, is that it is classed as a more professional level. An air of seriousness with a twist of wit.

However, it is not always so fortunate for independent film makers to have the necessary finances; social media and crowd funding has become the main source of allowance. This is especially the case for web series where they rely on their own connections and social media outreach for there to have a demand in the first place.

When there is something unique, something exquisite to invest in, there is opportunity. Such an encouraging example is Trejur’s short animated film below.

Kickstarter, Patreon and Ko-fi are great places for people to support and invest creations. These platforms are helpful in understanding how to reach out, connect and show people why it is worth investing in a project.

Although it appears that Pixar has become seemingly reliant on sequels, the animated short ‘Piper’ from Pixar has proved how animation can be emotional and expressive without relying on the traditional anthropomorphizing of the characters. Perhaps through short film experimentation, this new department would take advantage of this new channel for exploring creative visions.


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