May/June Checked List

Mon 290517 update:

  • Posted ‘Animation Community’ (forefront)
  • Posted vlog on speed painting

Tues 300517 update:

  • Asset files completed: bench, flowers, car2, van, candle, dining set, street lamp

Wed 310517 update:

  • Posted ‘Tutorial Review: Rendering’
  • Forum browsing
  • Environment asset building

Thurs 010617 update:

  • Environment asset building in After Effects: setting up assets in 3D, setting up cameras
  • Rough animation of shot03

Fri 020617 update:

  • Uploaded ‘DWM ep.2 Volume’
  • Re-recorded voice for ‘Alex Parker’
  • London Home Assets: sofa, outside window

Sat 030617 update:

  • Law Office Assets
  • London Train Station Assets

Sun 040617 update:

  • Environment Constructing

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