Tutorial Review: Rendering

Today’s tutorial we shared the progress so far. The main comment about my work was to shorten some scenes and sections by cutting out some shots.

My tutor has suggested not to change anything drastically, but where there seems to be repeated or redundant shots that do not add any more meaning, it is best to remove it. Thus I shall take my storyboard and have two highlighters: one that ticks which shot is redundant and the other highlights key shots that must not be removed. Everything else that is not highlighted will either remain as it is or adapted to reduce the amount of frames to draw.

This past week has been working on the environmental set up in After Effects and doing some test shots. This caused me to consider methods of rendering faster.

My tutor mentioned that the university has a render farm, which would help a tonne! However, just for extra knowledge of making it easier on my computer in general, I decided to research some tips in order to improve the situation.


The links in the references below provides good tips to improve rendering times.

As the assets are getting closer to completion, I have been researching on drawing tips on perspective and foreshortening before the frame-by-frame animating period begins.


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Available at: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2122549
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