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During the making of my animated short titled ‘Love Returned’, I was thinking about the platforms that I wish to make my film available. I knew with certainty it would be put up on YouTube. Vimeo is a very good platform for releasing professionally produced videos, and thus I decided I would my film there as well.

I became intrigued as to what other platforms might be useful in gaining recognition and insightful knowledge. Thus animation festivals and forums was brought to my mind. From this I decided to research what are the best methods and routes to accessing the community and sharing my work.

Animation Forums

The most popular animation forums that has jumped out to me is: CGSociety and Animation World Network. I have just signed up and have discovered the multitude of topics and conversations that ranges from practical techniques of software to challenges to job recruitment and much more! It has been difficult for me to get into Twitter, and forums is another level that I feel I should overcome to get more involved in the community.

Animation Festivals

I had found this article that discusses the best strategies for distributing animation films. Paco Rodriguez was interviewed regarding the industry. He founded PPM Multimedia in 1990 worked in distribution and co-production financing whilst producing several animated series for children. He comments on the struggle of being distributed internationally as American films take the largest share of the entertainment industry. There is a larger supply of European films in the market than the demand. For instance in Germany the market is 90% American, 5% local German films and 5% for the rest of the world as reported in 2008. This was very interesting to consider, however I wanted to know more about animated shorts in particular and what kinds of tips there are to more successfully distribute work.

On Cartoon Brew, Amid Amidi suggests 4 rules to successfully distribute short films online.

  1. Put your film online while it is still in festivals
  2. Short films should always have a release date
  3. Do not give away online rights
  4. Distribute on every platform

The links below are of a number of animation festivals to get involved in:


I was chatting with my friend the other day and was reminded of another method of connecting to the public audience, that is through live streaming. I have not come across Twitch previously, but I realised they had a large section for creative streaming. It seems like a great place to learn and share, to be able to ask for tips and tricks but also for community. It would be the next step forward I feel after grounding myself using YouTube and having a Facebook page.


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