New Time Schedule!

I have revised my gantt chart as I have changed the method of achieving the aesthetic that is the most appropriate for the animation. Yesterday, I had begun voice recording for the older brother and during the process of making several takes, I realized how small changes and details can really affect the way in which ideas, conceptions are conveyed.

The voice may also dictate the way in which the animation would come to being as both should compliment each other and work together to make emotions and the characters themselves convincing. It is important to complete recording the voices early on, before animating the characters.

The environmental assets is the crucial aspect, a priority before others can be properly set into motion as the rendering of these backgrounds would allow for the animations to be drawn. That would take up about 2 months of intensive animating from key animation to the refined.

Compositing will come in the final month of combining the characters with environment and playing with lighting to adapt the moods.

Sound design and soundtracks will be continuously experimented and explored during the project, but the highlighted blue points will be periods where engagement and communication will be the most necessary.

IMG_1161Gantt Chart 01


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