New Inspiration!

I have recently put together my showreel for 2017 and whilst I was preparing and even after I had uploaded the video, I had been looking through a lot of other showreels. Normally I would only click on the link to the showreel to watch as examples and references, however I had the idea to click on their channels and see what other kinds of videos they have made. Most of them only upload their showreel and finished works, however some do tutorials or other speed sketches.

I was trying to learn more about pre-composing in After Effects when I stumbled upon Dan Stevers, which was a great encouragement for me. He had been uploading his animations for a while before he began tutorials and then as the internet community began trying to get to know Dan Stevers, he posted the above video.

His videos are inspiring because as a Christian, I would like to produce animations that can visually communicate scenes from the bible to others. Currently I am not considering this as the only path for my future career options or where I would like to utilize my skills, rather one of many I am interested in. Nonetheless, his animations is what I aspire to aim for, God willing!


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