Constructing Amsterdam Inspired Streets

When designing the environmental scenes, I began to develop a rough guideline. There are a set number of environments that I have to construct and have ordered them alphabetically:

A: Table, iphone, keys
B: Amsterdam Streets01
C: Park
D: Peering through family dinner
E: London Home
F: Amsterdam Streets02
G: Bread Chase
H: Train to London
I: St Pancras Station
J: Law Office
K: Balcony

Below is a sample work of developing the environment for B. I first began sketching out roughly the scene in Animate CC. Then I realised I needed a reference image and found Fig2. I imported the reference image into Illustrator and used Image Trace to extract a simplified graphic style. I then dissected the image in Photoshop and lassoed key assets that I can restructure into my scene. With these images, I intend to sketch over and develop the painterly look.

setting up environment amsterdam street2
Fig 1
Netherlands Amsterdam Reflection of building in canal called Singel
Fig 2
setting up environment amsterdam street
Fig 3
SCAN0060 camera angles
Fig 4

Simultaneously, I had to consider specific angles and the camera direction. This is important as in the world that I am constructing, there will be 3D elements but there will also be 2D planes. In order for both to work together, the angles at which the camera is positioned determines the perspectives of the 2D elements/assets.


Fig 2 Bakersfield Blonde, (2015), I want to go there…, [date accessed 05/13/2017],


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