Initial Test shots for the Environment

I shall explain my process and approach in designing the environment my characters will live in. This is ‘home’ in London, a cosy modern apartment. I first sketched a plan of the arrangements of the joint dining and living room with an open kitchen.

Then I modeled it 3D in Modo 902.

planshome london

From this model, I was unable to import it directly to After Effects because I did not have Cinema4D. I’m hoping to get the student version, then perhaps a lot more of the graphics of the environment may change. Instead of importing the model, I rendered the scene in Modo after adding basic textures and lighting. Adding my own textures was tricky as I would have needed a longer time to research and learn the techniques therefore, to quickly view the outcome I used default textures.

I then imported the footage into AfterEffects. I added the characters drawn on Animate CC and added the lighting. However I found it to be too realistic and that the environment and characters do not compliment so well.



I decided to take a more handmade approach and used the ID segments, ambience occlusion and other filters that can be obtained after rendering the scene in Modo. I made my own textures and then imported it into the scene in AfterEffects. This time it was a bit too abstract that I felt did not match up to the characters.


My final test is below, where I manually constructed a 3D model in AfterEffects with Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate CC designed item assets. The graphic seems to work best. Through the development of these tests, I have been able to better prepare a list of assets to produce and how it can be organized.


In the next post, I will discuss more about the asset types, what currently works best and why.


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