Draft Plot

Here is the events that have been recorded as the plot unfolds. In this stage of the pre-production, I intend to brainstorm ideas of possible scenes and shots. For now, this is the basic outline:

Set in modern day London

20 years ago…

Younger son is 3 years old
Older son is 8 years old

Mother dies in a car crash

Father raises his children alone. Began from poor humble beginnings.


Father owns a successful law firm. His sons work in his company.

Younger son gets bored of his life. One day he meets an old high school mate and is convinced to travel with him and leave behind his boring life.

During dinner, younger son asks father for his inheritance wanting to leave home. His father is saddened and tries to persuade son not to go. Ultimately son does not listen and the father gives the money.

Younger son leaves home with his friend to Scotland. After having a good time there, spending money on parties, women etc. He and his friend gets into trouble and they get robbed. Friend abandons the younger son.

Younger son is at a loss, he does not have the money to go home. No one wants to help him.

One day he arrives at the train station. By God’s grace he finds cash just enough for him to travel back home.

Younger son takes the train home, in his mind thinking perhaps he would just ask his father to accept him back as a janitor.

When younger son arrives at the station, he is surprised to see his father there already waiting for him. Father is there by coincidence, as he noticed his son had not been posting on ‘facebook’ anymore.

Father embraces his son and brings him home to wash him up. They arrive at the firm and to the younger son’s surprise is welcomed by a welcome party.

Older son sulks off in anger. Father notices and asks the older son to join. Older son gets even more pissed off saying that he never gets this kind of treatment after he’s been working so hard.

Father says everything he has is shared with his sons. Father asks his older son to join the celebration.

Does the older son realise his ignorance and joins the celebration?


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