This stop motion based animation has been packed full of meaning and symbolism that illustrates the truth of the mental difficulties the main character faces.

One of the most effective aspects I had found in the film was the design of each character’s face. There is a line that divides from the eyes and it is revealed later its function of representation of ones mental consciousness. There are also only three voice actors in this film. The main character Michael Stone (David Thewlis), Lisa Hesselman the lover (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and everyone else (Tom Noonan). To Michael Stone, everyone elses voices are exactly the same apart from Lisa. Not only their voices, but also their faces that represent boring, mass-produced people. It reduces these characters to people who are lifeless, controlled by some system. The concept of this adds to the uniqueness of the film.



5 thoughts on “Anomalisa

  1. atthematinee February 13, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    This film was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Have you posted on any movie sites before?



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