Project for Client Promise

For our practice media module, we are meant to work for a client. We met the client yesterday and their company is called PROMISE (PROactive Management of Integrated Services and Environments). They are a paradigm of coproducing an alternative discourse in Mental Health Care. It is a discourse that aim sot create hope, empowering patients to strive for independence beyond illness. They value cultivating relationships between patients and professionals during this recovery journey.

Our brief is to create an animation based on a script already given, which sets the scene on the plains of East Africa. The conversation between a zebra and a bird reveals the zebra has previously gone through emotions and experiences of what it is like to have bi-polar disorder. This project is mainly aimed at increasing awareness, targeted to secondary school students about the difficulties facing this mental illness.

How I intend to undertake this project is firstly researching in these areas:

  • Character Design (of zebra and red-billed oxpecker)
    • Real footage of animals
    • Character styles
  • Environmental Design (East African plains, abstract backgrounds of the mind)

The documentary of the making of Zootopia has been a great inspiration and motivation in the beginning stage of this project.


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