Popular Culture

Popular culture is recognized as Brummett describes to involve aspects of social life that are most actively observed by the public. The interactions between people and the everyday activities may include: fashion, use of slang, seasonal traditions, books, music and trending foods just to name a few. Popular culture is greatly informed by the mass media.

Especially in this century, technological advances has excelled connectivity and opened vast platforms of communication. Popular culture comprises of subjects that hold a great influence, along with the common belief and acceptance as the norm. Other influences can include iconic brands such as the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches.

The movements of photography, the theater, ballet, musicals and films demonstrate a progressive development in the mass media in storytelling and aesthetic achievements. The rise of animation has been a challenge, that had its beginnings from attempting to produce more realistic effects in films and family entertainment. Streams of animated short films, other animated based content that aim to target a wider audience beyond family have been branching out.

Understanding trends and the evolution of popular culture aids in better grasping how to better communicate ideas in a noisy technologically driven society. Originality, aesthetics and quality idea content are key aspects to successful communication.

A source of inspiration that I have been deriving from is http://www.webtoons.com a platform for professionals and amateurs to post and share comic strips for free reading. Here is the link to an extract from the Blue Chair comic below:


This stream is a growing trend, which I find useful in developing my own style and storyboarding as an animator.



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