Media Discourse First Assignment


There are two parts to the assignment in the Media Discourses module: the reader and the enquiry proposal.

The reader comprises of 6 extracts that is based on a relevant topic and along with them written commentaries. The commentaries needs to account for its usefulness, and to demonstrate my understanding of, thinking of my own work, my field and surrounding issues/challenges. Also, it must include an analysis of how the extract’s methods can be applied to real examples.

The enquiry proposal needs to include a working title, challenges that will need solving, the methodology and the resources needed to undertake this task.

Based from the mind map, I have unraveled and explored a few options within the scope of animated documentaries. What I personally am interested in, are animations that portray visually a story that has been told verbally or in a written form that describes a cultural and/or historical account. This form of intertextuality also helps to explore the usefulness of expanding platforms and audiences in sharing such accounts in creative and unforgettable presentations.

I will be gathering a list of texts to read and derive extracts from there, simultaneously forming the enquiry proposal as I understand the media discourses that surround my topic of animated documentaries.


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