London International Animation Festival

– awarded best sound design

Ghost Cell
– detailed organization of a metropolis that is revealed to be mitosis

Blind Kaysha
– the aesthetic had a rustic feel that was very much suited to the storyline
– fascinating plot based on an unusual disability of only being able to see the past in one eye and the future in the other and thus never seeing the present

Happy End – Jan Suska
– uses an effective technique of telling the story backwards
– unique character designs

Before Love
– amazing environmental design and style
– uncanny character design
– bizzare and unusual plot of love stories

Johnno’s Dead
– portraying the dark spiral of revenge
– reminded me of the film ‘Memento’

– A pregnant woman wonders through a forest following coloured threads, at the end of each she finds someone who has died, but eventually she gives birth to a new life
– the people she has found dead represented how people came to this particular forest to commit suicide, thus it is a powerful message of opposing this notion and instead a different outcome of a new life


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