Comic Uncanny Black and White


This precedent is appropriate and useful in the making of my chosen project ‘Memories‘. There is an eerie quality of the animation, that although the main character is a little girl, the absence of love has detrimental consequences.

The next video in particular truly portrays a comic absurdity from the premise that a little girl would have the potential to rule the world. Yet just like the short film above, it ends with an unsettling outcome of a dreadful decay due to the endless desire for more toys. That once one has everything in the palm of their hands, there is a thirst that cannot be satisfied.

The qualities that I enjoy and desire to push forward in my current and future projects, as well as to shape my identity as an animator is driven by the uncanny story line and the aesthetics that accompanies it.

The simple, mainly black and white aesthetic, with one or two added colours allow different opportunities to highlight or direct the viewer’s attention. The drawing style adds to the unsettling expectations of how the film will end. That you would not expect it to be a clean happy end. There is potential to play with this expectation and to control the subtle nature of the character aesthetics.


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