Taking A Step Back

Often it is difficult to just hit pause, stand up, look around and process the current situation, critically reflect the information, generate directions to progress and select the next steps to effectively move forward.

Currently I aim to define what kind of animator I want to present myself as. How from the animation industry, what role as an animator I would play in and what to specialize in. I intend to discover this through drawing, producing 2D work to begin with, modelling in 3D, looking through animation film references, and through the process of developing my understanding of the animation realm, to develop my own style.

I would like to propose simple daily/weekly challenges to complete to track my progress. Such would be to draw something daily and post what I have drawn on the blog. A weekly challenge would be watching a series of videos from Lynda or YouTube to further develop my After Effects skills. Also writing commentary on animations or short films that I like and what I feel makes it effective.


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