Working Methodologies

Today in our research and enquiry seminar, we were assigned in a speed dating style to discuss and share working methodologies. How we develop ideas that turn into artifacts/products.

Idea –> Artifact

How do you develop ideas:

  • What materials are used?
  • How do you record or collect
  • How do you review and evaluate

We took turns to discuss the above questions.

Typically, when I am given a theme to create a project I would begin by brain storming options and ideas. I would try to not rush into deciding an idea to work with and research more on the background, history, implications of the theme to aid expanding my ideas.

After selecting a few key words, I would create a reference collection on Pinterest and begin sketching out ideas. I would then interchange using digital media and working on paper. After a few iterations on the subject, I would move onward to select an iteration and focus on completing it, making slight alterations along the way if appropriate.

There will be very minimal review and evaluation during the mentioned process, due to the constrained timescale. If the project runs for longer, there will be a much more thorough review and more changes implemented to fine tune the project.

During the conversations I have had with other postgraduate students who did Games Arts and Design as well as, they discussed a number of methods to stimulate creative innovation. One mentioned method in particular that struck me was when ideas are written down, the ‘item’ is written with a colour that represents the emotion that you are feeling or associate with. So if you are happy and think of a television, a colour is selected (for example yellow) and recorded. Associations with emotion would allow for developing story lines, generating connections and widening possibilities.


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