[AB 10] Computers in Human Behaviour – The Attention-guiding effect and cognitive load in the comprehension of animations

This research paper investigates the effects of exposure to animation on learning. A hypothesis was proposed and an experiment was carried out. The study investigated the impact of cueing on cognitive load and comprehension of animations depicting a dynamic process in a neurobiology domain. Cueing in this case consisted of zooming in important information at each stage of the process. The results were discussed and the extraneous cognitive load (the amount of stimulation) was reduced by cueing. Cueing has achieved higher problem solving scores. The article highlights the importance of presentation and the method of drawing the attention of the viewer. This presents different potential techniques based on cueing, experimenting with colour and lighting to capture attention.


AMADIEU F., MARINÉ C. & LAIMAY C. (2011) Computer in Human Behaviour – The attention-guiding effect and cognitive load in the comprehension of animations, Computers in Human Behaviour 27, pp 36-40


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