[AB 09] The Animation Manifesto or, What’s Animation Ever Done for Us?

by Paul Wells

The pressing concern that Paul Wells addresses is that animation is not celebrated in its own right, only rather acknowledged because it is recognized for the narrative’s success. There is a general conception that the animation industry is restricted by the boundaries of it being for family entertainment. With this narrow perception of animation, Wells questions in the Monty Python style: what’s animation ever done for us?

He addresses the issue that audiences do not engage in the potential of adult content in animation, rather it has been stigmatized as family entertainment. Wells helpfully proposes a manifesto for animation. He describes how animation is a versatile cross-platform and cross-disciplinary medium, an artform that consistently and insistently experiments and develops. Ultimately, animation should be more recognised for its achievements and impacts that it contributes in the contemporary world.

Wells demonstrates through numerous examples of how animation has impacted the creative industry and on a deeper level the minds and attitudes of people. The article is useful in my practice and attitudes to understanding what animation is, creating a firm foundation and identity of the potential of the animation industry.


WELLS P. (2015) The Animation Manifesto or, What’s Animation Ever Done for Us? Metro Magazine 188 ATOM: p.94-100


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