(inspiration) Comic Uncanny

John Lasseter was the creator of Toy Story at the California Institute of the Arts. His earlier short films include the Lady and the Lamp (1979) and Nitemare (1980). Based on the article I have recently been reading titled ‘Life Driven by Death: animation aesthetics and the comic uncanny’ by Paul Flaig, he suggests that when inanimate objects are given life, there is an aesthetic appeal in the comic uncanny.

The manner in which inanimate objects are given personalities that mimic human traits in Nitemare, the video above, cleverly encapsulates the fears that the child faces, but it ends with his fears becoming his comfort, when the furniture seemingly intimidating, becomes his friends and security.

The black and white, light and shadow aesthetic inspires the style of the chosen project based on the theme of Memories.

Another animated series that I enjoy stylistically is ‘Raised by Zombies’. The simplicity of the characters with the combination of the music, I have found successful.


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