[AB 08] Review of a Short Animated Film, Wolf Daddy Directed by Hyung Youn Jang

By Jee Eun Lee and TakHoon Kim.

This review of the short story is successful in considering the previous works of the director, also listing the potential limitations of the review. Through examining the cultural background of the film, that is in Korea and comparing it to the director’s previous films, it allows a deeper understanding of the director’s thought process and to propose directions for releasing a successful film.

The journal article discusses the success of the short film and how it relates to Korean culture. Typically, Korean animated films aim to visually express subjects of real world problems such as agony and suffering as this allows for a high emotions and sympathy to be evoked. Humor is more challenging to evoke such emotions to hook the audience of this culture. Wolf Daddy is a short film that contains a kind of uncanny humor that appears to have been the driving force of the success. The article continues to discuss about the considerations and approaches that should be instigated as the short film is preparing to be developed into a feature film.

Through the examination of the culture, previous films of Hyung Youn Jang and understanding the rules of nature in the world being portrayed in the short film, it is possible to suggest possible directions. The short film is an appropriate example of a type of uncanny aesthetic that demonstrates the true nature of animals rather than fully anthropomorphising them.


LEE J. & KIM T. (2014) Review of a Short Animated Film, Wolf Daddy Directed by Hyung Youn Jang. TechArt: Journal of Arts and Imaging Science. [Online] 1(3) p.5-7. Available from: http://www.thetechart.org/default/img/articles/201403/Jee.pdf [Accessed 23/10/16]


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