[AB 02] Re-imagining animation – The Changing Face of the Moving Image

By Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff.

‘Re-imagining Animation’ covers a great content of how the moving image culture can be further developed. Wells and Hardstaff discuss from the educational system to politics to the animation industry, all through theoretical and practical examples.

The key sections that I want to highlight are the areas ‘re-thinking the broadcast context’ and ‘re-thinking educational models’.

In this section, it is proposed of the need to discover innovative ways of communicating with children through stimulating visual idioms and soundtracks. The challenge is to engage with children to broaden their scope of culture, thinking and perception. The precedent of Selig and creative director Jennifer Oxley developed a refreshing visual styling through a process called ‘photo-puppetry’. The style is composed of real photographs with the adaptability of animation. The aim was to empower pre-school children and the strategy was that these animal characters from ‘Wonder Pets!’ not have any super powers but to demonstrate their ability to accomplish feats by teamwork.

Other examples have demonstrated how animation can be used strategically for other educational purposes such as the creation of Mr Fastfinger by Mike Tyyskä for guitar tuition.

‘Re-imagining animation’ is a successful academic book that goes beyond theory and analyses practical examples and their affects upon people.


Wells. P, and Johnny. H. (2008) Re-imagining Animation: The Changing Face of the Moving Image. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Pub., 2008. 32-37. Print.


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