General Grasp


Research in animation has expanded tremendously, especially during this digital age. Among the numerous paths to delve into and examine, I have yet to investigate a narrower scope. I intend to appraoch research and enquiry in the animation field from a top-down methodology by acquiring a wide, on-the-surface breadth of knowledge of the field, then deepening understanding in a more specific topic.

In ‘Animation: Notes on a Definition’, Charles Solomon discusses a variety of techniques that he says can be called ‘animation’.
‘two factors link these diverse media and their variations, and serve as the basis for a workable definition of animation: (1) the imagery is recorded frame-by-frame and (2) the illusion of motion is created, rather than recorded’. Ultimately he finds that ‘filmmaking has grown so complicated and sophisticated in recent years that simple definitions of techniques may no longer be possible. It may be unreasonable to expect a single word to summarise such diverse methods of creating images on film.’

(Art in Motion, Animation Aesthetics, Furniss p.4-5)

Animation can also be a subcategory or having some overlaps with the moving-image media, as described in Paul Wells’ and Johnny Hardstaff’s ‘Re-imagining Animation’.

The areas I am interested at this stage is the relation between animation and the mind, it’s psychological effects, short film animations and it’s role in education.

The general books I will be looking into, that may be subject to change depending on the direction I choose to take, include:

  • Re-imagining animation – The Changing Face of the Moving Image by Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff
  • Inspired 3D Short Film Production by Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia
  • Art in Motion Animation Aesthetics revised edition by Maureen Furniss
  • Understanding Animation by Paul Wells
  • Acting and Performance for Animation by Derek Hayes
  • Visual methodologies: an introduction to interpretation of visual materials by Gillian Rose

Other articles I will be looking at include:


  • Aesthetics and Design in three dimensional animation process by Gökçe Keçeci Şekeroğlu
  • Mamoru Oshii’s Production of Multi-layered Space in 2D Anime by Miho Nakagawa
  • Evaluating Content Based Animation through Concept Art by Abu Kalam Shamsuddin, Md. Baharul Islam, Dr. Md. Kabirul Islam
  • Life driven by death: animation aesthetics and the comic uncanny by Paul Flaig
  • Review of a Short Animated Film, Wolf Daddy Directed by Hyung Youn Jang
    by Jee Eun Lee and TakHoon Kim
  • Slow down, you move too fast: Examining animation aesthetics to promote eco-driving by Noam Tractinsky, Ohad Inbar, Omer Tsimhoni, Thomas Seder
  • Teaching Visual Methods Using Performative Storytelling, Reflective Practice and Learning through Doing by Craig Owen and Sarah Riley

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